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We create sensory places for brand experiences! People love these places and connect themselves emotionally with the brand. A strategic customer journey offers people not only fleeting images at digital touchpoints, but also a world of branding. Plan with LIVE communication in your media mix and create meeting places where people will fall in love with your brand.



People want to meet people and exchange ideas. With face-to-face communication, you can turn your customers into true fans who love your brand. Use this sensory place and win not only fans, but brand ambassadors!



The real branding experience remains in the mind. Our trade shows, events, showrooms, pop-up stores and roadshows are creative, interactive and emotional brand messages. The brand message is anchored in the mind.

Messe, Event & Retail

LIVE-COMMUNICATION is digitally networked

Combine the true brand experience with the possibilities of digital media and channels. They reach an unprecedented base through story-telling, content and dialogue. You will perform better and create new fans.


Connected LIVE communication makes a perfect media mix: brand names, trade fairs, events, roadshows, pop-up stores and showrooms

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The Ruhr area is our home and the world is our area of operation. Let us impress you with German quality and personally advise you:

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Executive Partner
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E-Mail: fpr@unicblue.com